Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thing 23

While I did not complete all 23 Things, I did reach my goal of finishing 15 by June 15. I have learned so much through this process. For instance, Tablets and Phones are not really the same kind of mobile device. I guess there isn't a device that does everything. I am interested in photos and video which I could not do with Nexus 7. I am seriously considering iPad Mini.

At first I was painstakingly studying each app before deciding what to try. By the end it seemed easier to just load something interesting and just see how it worked. So I  have gained some ease with using apps. That can't hurt anything.

Overall, not too happy with giving so much access to personal information in order to use some apps. Rather prefer the apps that have no special requirements.

I am happy to have given 23 Things a try. I will go back and pick up some of the Things that I skipped.

Thanks for everything!

Thing 22

Searching online for Best apps of 2013, led me to Apps on Google Play to download free apps. I guess this is enough for a beginner! Just right back to the app store. But this is where I found Netflix and  Relax Melodies ( basically sound machine sort of white noise or nature sounds - I must be tired!)

Looked at Droid of the Day. Not to interested in random new apps.

Thing 21

I actually did Thing 22 first to hunt around for other good apps.
My favorite find, which might be obvious to many other people, was the Netflix App. It might be fun to have mobile access to our Netflix account for movies or tv series.

Thing 20 Games

Ever since I started 23 Things, my co-workers have been waiting for me to get addicted to Candy Crush. So I tried it. Not my kind of pastime!

Word Collapse was more fun for me. Who knew?

Thing 19 Hobbies

Not too much success here! Neither Sibley Birds or Spotify worked on Nexus 7. (Getting to be a pattern here.) Many apps are for phones. That is just how it is.

Thing 18 Education

Wikipedia App is pretty cool to have when you just need a quick fact check, or titles in a series, etc.

10 Monkeys Multiplication was really fun. Not just for kids - this type of app is also a good challenge for older folks who need to practice concentrating and thinking.

I am also interested in Life for iPad. Would love to see all the old photos.

Thing 17 Community

One thing that I like about Superior Hiking Trail App - no special permissions! They don't need to know everything about me in order to show me their info. I am excited about this app since we have hiked SHT many times. Lots of great information about the trials, trailheads, maps, conditions, etc. But does not work with Crome - so not with Nexus 7. Bummer.

MPR Radio App is certainly one of my all time favorites! Works fine on Nexus 7 even though it is designed for phones.

Going Out not compatible with my device...

Also want to try Mayo Clinic Patient App - Apple only